Compare And Contrast Christopher Columbus And Jacques Carter

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The Early American History is a major field of study that called for involvement of explorers. Some explorers are considered great depending on their vast contribution in the area of knowledge. Others did very little are there found to be minor. An example of the most important explorer amongst the many is Christopher Columbus and Jacques Carter. Christopher Columbus contributed a lot the early American. He is quite famous than most of the other explorers and besides that, it is said that he was a very religious man. This Italian explorer has traveled widely in the world including in Africa and has been credited for opening up America to European colonization. Jacques Carter, on the other hand, was a French explorer who was born in saint-Malo in…show more content…
Christopher Columbus came across these areas in his attempt to find the direct route via the Atlantic Ocean from the west. This attracted the attention of another explorer who came in to found out more about this continent. Numerous resources were later discovered in the process, and they have exploited accordingly for the better of humanity. Jacques Carter opened routes to America thus linking America and Asia. This was a very vital move by this explorer since it opened up the area for more exploration and trade activities. This ensured that no resources of that time were lying untapped. People should always appreciate what this explorer did and their contributions towards the discovery of the early America. It is because of them America developed into what it is. They also encouraged and nurtured the spirit of exploration in people. Through this culture, we had so many explorers mushrooming in various regions of the world which hence increased more understanding of the world in general. So, when we look at the early American history, we should keep in mind the people that encouraged facilitated and lead to it. Thus they are supposed to be
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