Compare And Contrast Timon And Lucullus

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Known very few facts about his life. He was a biographer, however himself didn't have a biographer to tell his own life. We know about him from just a small notice in Suidas and from his own works, where sometimes he refered to himself. He was born ... 46. He had two brothers, Timon and Lamprias. Parents' names are uncertain. He got ...where he studied physics, rhetoric, mathematics, medicine, natural science, philosophy, Greek, and Latin literature in 66. For more education he visited ... . After education he got maried, had 4 sons and a daughter. Was a tutor in Chaeronia and was the representative of his people in Rome. After making lots of new acquitances, he could manage to travel all over the Italy and lecture philosophy and ethics between 75-90. Later he went to Delphi, where became head priest. Other than that position, he also could manage to take different high and low civic positions. But the last years of his life, he spent on writing most of his works, such as most part of the Lives and some part of Moralia. Plutarch managed to write…show more content…
There are both similarities and differences. One of the similarities is the fact that after their reign, Greece and Rome crashed. When Lucullus was in the reign, Rome was in destempered state, so that civil wars were on their way. That mainly caused constitutional change after Lucullus died. Cimon, on the other hand, had more power in his hands when he was leading the country. Greece was in the top of its power and were in wars, one of which caused Cimon's death. Being leads of the countries they were very rich. However, they used their wealth in different ways. Cimon created Acropolis wall, compared to palaces of Lucullus. Cimon had very modest table, compared to one that has Lucullus: sumptuous and oriental. One of them gave, as you already guesed gave some of his worth to people, whereas the other prepared money for a few luxurious
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