Compare And Contrast Civil War And Confederate Soldiers

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Both the Confederate soldiers and the Union soldiers fought for many different reasons. Both felt that their side had the right idea and the others where being close minded or soft and not willing to make surfaces to better the country. Many of the Confederate fights for freedom from the government along with the ideas of slavery. Union soldiers fought for the unity of America along with the sense of adventure. Mostly the poor fought for both sides due to the daft being easily avoided by the rich. The South where thought as being the greater military due to their strong leaders. The North Main resources was the manpower and the factures that where use to make the weapons and the cloth for the fighting men. . Patriotism was a consistent idea among the Union and Confederate warriors. As per journals and diaries left by some Northern warriors, they were battling for the Union. Confederate fighters shared a typical aphorism of live free beyond words. They felt if their nation wasn 't free, life wasn 't worth living. Even though the South and North fight with such ferocity against each other our textbook never gives a clear reasons way.…show more content…
The Civil war was seen as a chance for many young men to be heroes and involve themselves in grand adventures. The promise of fighting with the chance of glory among their fellow soldiers where all contributing factors of the rise of romantic novels. All soldiers have hopes of winning the war and coming home like hero’s, which prompted the authors of that time to write about the war in a romantic matter. I believe that the romantic themes of war where their before the civil war but during the war The idea of your neighbor or your son being theses longer than life hero’s become appealing. Those longing for being a piece of it or for those deserted while their friends and family battled may have conveyed these ideas along. This was not reality however; there was nothing sentimental about the
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