Compare And Contrast Classical Athens And Han China

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Jenny Reyes Ms. Durso AP World History/ Period 9 October 20, 2015 Han China vs. Classical Athens During the ancient era of Han China and the early classical era in Athens both societies have a similar but different political system that was used to create an organized society. The systems in both societies differ, for instance the Han dynasty the emperor was chosen through Mandate of Heaven whereas in Athens they were a democracy and the citizens elected their leader. On the contrary both societies shared similarities such as both societies didn’t select government officials based on wealth. In addition, both societies had restrictions on women, women had little to no say on politics. Political systems are used in order to maintain a stable and organized society, both Han and early classical era Athens had political systems that differed but maintained order within both societies. In the Han society emperors were God-appointed and were…show more content…
During the ancient era in Han dynasty government officials were not elected based on wealth but based on if the individual was capable of becoming an official. The emperor conducted civil service exams that were taken by majority of men mostly aristocrats. This was due to the influence Confucianism had towards Han dynasty. Likewise, in the Athens society magistrates were not elected due to their wealth but by the common man. Magistrates served for a year which made it possible for the government to open up government to other citizens. Athens was a democracy which gave the majority of citizens’ rights to elect their representatives. Both societies disagreed with electing government officials based on wealth in order to make sure both Han and Athens empires reminded stable and cause no conflicts between citizens and government
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