Compare And Contrast Claudius And Macbeth

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William Shakespeare was one of the best poet and writer in his time. He has written tons of plays that are worth investigating and reviewing from. The two well-known stories he has written is called “Hamlet” and “Macbeth”. These plays contain similar expositions and both plays are mutually involved with supernatural beings, insanity, death and tragedy. The two main characters that are very alike in the play is Claudius and Macbeth. Claudius and Macbeth had done terrible things throughout the whole story line, which includes the blood-lust for supremacy, the assassination of unroyal suspects, and their confrontation to conflicts. Both were obsessed with their ambition to be in control, but the other has a stronger desire for power than the other.
Killing intent is a must in order to achieve one’s desire. This is one of the common factors that Claudius and Macbeth have in common. In the following quotations, it explains how Claudius and Macbeth committed their felony. “Macbeth stabbed King Duncan in his sleep”. (1.7 2-10). Hamlet figured out that Claudius killed King Hamlet from the ghost by putting poison in his ear in his sleep (1.5 32-40). Readers have learned that both characters killed the current kings in their slumber in order to gain power despite being “close” to the kings. However, Macbeth had a greater passion to take the crown, because he confronted King Duncan with a dagger. This means that Macbeth is prepared to face any danger and he is willing to fight anyone
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