Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Intervention Case Study

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ii. Both cognitive behaviour therapy intervention and behaviour training are based on the same guidelines of interviewing, formulating hypotheses regarding the case and designing the treatment plan. This means that in both interventions some practical similarities are apparent. To begin with, in both interventions the therapist should take an intake interview from the patient and all the people that are in a frequent relationship with the patient (e.g. caretakers, teacher, psychologists etc.). History taking is important in both interventions in order the therapist to formulate hypotheses and then design the treatment plan. The professional status of the therapist should be in respect of the patient’s case and the therapist should be transparent following the ethical code in terms of maintaining confidentiality. In addition, in both interventions the therapist should have in mind the building of rapport with the patient in order to achieve engagement and compliance with the treatment plan. Both interventions are underlying by the client’s motivation. This means that in both interventions clients should have strong motivation to change and comply with the hard work that is needed in order the client makes this change. The promotion and maintenance of…show more content…
Monitoring diaries are provided to the patients during both interventions so as for clients to complete in a regular basis and measure relevant symptoms. Additionally, homework is an essential aspect during both interventions. The patients need to practice the new skills acquired during the treatment in a real –life situation. Also, the patient’s progress in therapy is contingent on his/her compliance with homework tasks and on work done outside the therapy
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