Compare And Contrast College Football And College Sports

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Football is a huge sport in the United States, and people get crazy about it. The most popular events for football fans are the college football and NFL. With both of them being grand and popular, the college football games are better to watch and more enjoyable than NFL Games because of its good players, dedicated fans and incomparable atmosphere.
Players are the biggest part of a sport. Better players always symbolize better teams or clubs. While both NFL and college football players are well-trained football players, college football players excel to other extent. The college football players play for what is on the jersey but not mainly for money. They play for the pride of their schools. Even though they still get paid, they are college students who have to pay portion of school expenses. With all these, some of them get scholarships for them to complete both of them college and athletic lives. College
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College football fans are more passionate and dedicated than the NFL ones. The college football fans are loyal to the teams. They fill up the whole stadium no matter what team is playing. College football teams gain a good percent of fans from different countries and have different ethnicities that actually go to the game on Saturdays because of the international students. Football holds its fans together as a huge and tight community. Fans wear same gears to the game, go to after parties and even make friends during the games. Yes, there is a reason why people claim that college is the best part of his or hers life! On the other hand, the fact that the NFL game is on Sunday makes some working people prefer to watch it on TV instead of going. The teams have fans from it own region most of the time. NFL fans do paint their faces and go shirtless like college kids do, but there’s something about being a young, naive coed kids who doesn’t know any better than to run naked through the field because of the
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