Compare And Contrast Communism And Capitalism

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Humans of this era and even civilizations before have always wanted three things: money, prestige, and freedom. All of these things are wanted, especially when it deals with economic structure. Communism, and capitalism have been compared on many levels, such as why they will or will not work, and which one works better. They are concepts that characterize opposite ways of thinking. One is extremely individualistic (Capitalism), while the other one (Communism) believes in putting the society before self. However, we believe that capitalism is the more advantageous economic system. This economic government provides growth, motivation, and opportunities for individuals, which is the complete opposite of communism. However, to follow this essay, there must be an understanding that no country is purely capitalist and no country is purely communist. We can only compare the most communist…show more content…
Though communism and capitalism are pretty much the descendants of feudalism, communism shares more similarities with feudalism. Through feudalism, there is the relationship between the lord and the vassal, where the lord is ruler over all and is considered the ultimate authority. Karl Marx sees that feudalism starts with communism and as economic system develop; it will turn to capitalism. When compared with communism, the lord would be the temporary government mentioned before and the vassal would be the people living under the control of that country. After feudalism, comes capitalism, where the workers and peasants of feudalism become increasingly independent from the lord as they see people live better and richer lives through trade. This can be related to the modern world, where almost all people earn money based off their own individual needs and succeed based on their own potential and their personal lives is not as connected to the government as it would be if they were under communist
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