Compare And Contrast Community College Vs University

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Community College over University Attending a community college rather than attending a four year University can really save people a lot of money. Attending a community college people can save two years of a University and get their Associates degree a more cheap way. Going to a community college is a lower cost than a four year University, this effects people to go to a community college because of their low prices. People attend community colleges because they are more affordable, closer to home and convenient. People would rather save two years of college than pay those two years for an experience at a four year University. Community college is more affordable because comparing the prices to a four year University people can see and understand the low cost of a community college. For example in the state of Texas the cost for Texas Tech University in state would be approximately $5,110 for tuition , room and board $8,928, books and supplies $1,200 and others fees $2,701, total of $17,939. People…show more content…
Applying for FAFSA is easy, all people need to do is register and put down how much they or their parents make on their Inco taxes. Another cause and effect for attending a community college rather than going to a University is the class size. In big universities, where faculty focus is on research projects and graduate student programs, undergraduates may be tempted to just get by in the larger classes. This is especially true if the professor doesn’t know students by name and in cases where grades are determined by performance on tests and papers, not by participation and class discussion. Students may decide to do just enough to get the grade desired, without ever engaging with professors or
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