Compare And Contrast Confetti Girl And Totilla Sun

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“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde The two stories Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun they both capture the image that you aren’t always going to agree with your parents. You should always be yourself and sometimes you have to do things to make the ones you love happy. The narrators call out their parents for being selfish and only caring about what they want. When in reality their parents are doing everything they can form their kids. In both Confetti Girl and Tortilla Sun, both narrators clearly have points of views different from their parents. In both, the narrators oppose their parents for being selfish, choosing their professional careers over their children. They put work above family, neglecting the desires and needs of their daughters. Both daughters are desperately yearning to be close to their parents. In Confetti Girl, the narrator wants her dad to listen to her, while he would rather focus on his teaching profession. In Tortilla Sun, the narrator wants her mom to consider her feelings about a sudden move, while her mom ignores her desires and decides to pursue her own research in Costa Rica. In both, the narrators clearly miss their other parents. This loss affects them as they both reminisce about memories of their loved ones. The narrator in Confetti Girl begins by recalling happy moments with her mom, while the narrator in Tortilla Sun holds tight to a baseball that belonged to her dad. They are both struggling to connect with their
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