Compare And Contrast Contagion And The American Plague

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Two stories, one purpose. Contagion and The American Plague tell the story of mankind's fight for survival. With a vast amount of humans dying in infected areas, the government brings together the most renowned scientists in the medical field. In Contagion, the disease originated in China, and they sent scientists to Hong Kong to help find the source of the virus. In The American Plague, the disease originated in Africa, and they sent scientist to Cuba where the disease is often found. The American Plague, otherwise known as Yellow Fever, struck Memphis hard in 1878. Rich or poor, mothers or children, Yellow Fever showed no discrimination. It struck like a ghost in the night, unseen and unnoticed till the symptoms arrived. The virus in Contagion was similar to Yellow Fever; it caused mass destruction and panic. Neither disease showed mercy. Frightened of the disease, people moved in fear for their lives. In The American Plague, all that was left of Memphis was the poor, who had no chance of escape. In the movie Contagion, Mitch Emhoff attempted to send his daughter to her mother’s. After a failed attempt of sending his daughter away, they tried to escape the…show more content…
The characters in Contagion and The American Plague share similar attributes; they put other peoples lives before their own. Bravely, Dr. Lazear from The American Plague and Dr. Nextel from Contagion both self experimented on themselves in hopes of finding a solution. Dr. Mears and Sister Constance both showed great compassion throughout the film and the book. Using great strength, they both persevered and were a great help to society. While on her death bed, Dr. Mears gave her blanket to a sick man. Sister Constance worked until her dying breath to save as many lives as possible. Determined to stay in the heart of the epidemic, she refused to be housed outside of the city. These brave souls are the reason so many lives were
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