Compare And Contrast Costco Vs Walmart

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Walmart stores is one of the largest retailers not only in the United States but across the world. They hold tremendous power from a retail level and on a political level with governments in the US and outside. Ratios help create Walmart as a company and allows investors to be able to gauge and understand the metrics of the organization. These metrics and ratios help investors understand the specific direction of the company and the effectiveness of executive leadership. The primary ratio that must be understood regarding Walmart's earnings-per-share is the price earnings ratio. This ratio will help the company create the level of stock price regarding its sales and revenues and in considering expenses and liabilities. Since Walmart is on…show more content…
Costco is a much different company regarding its business model which would lend credence to a higher price to cash flow ratio. One of the main differences between Costco and Walmart is that Costco is a membership driven business model while Walmart is open to public. “Analysts at Walmart have noticed that there is a tremendous difference between the way that Costco operates as a business and the way that Walmart operates with their business model” (Gelderman & Hart, 2017). There has been a push from the Walmart perspective to create a level of membership type stores in which only Walmart consumers can shop at while receiving a certain level of…show more content…
Walmart has a 29.03 payout ratio which is much higher than Costco which is at 26.4 and Target which has a payout ratio of 20.0. These ratios help investors and Wall Street analyst understand how companies can successfully manage debt and at the same time become profitable while meeting the needs of the consumers. It is expected and realistic to see that Walmart has a large debt ratio, however, this debt ratio must be understood from an organic and holistic point of view to give credence to the ability of the executive team at the organization. Organizations are entities that are not any different from an analysis point of view than that of actual

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