Compare And Contrast Creation Myths

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Many different cultures have myths and stories about how they think the world was created. These myths commonly reflect different values that these cultures have. Although these myths are different stories from different cultures, they often have traits in common. The creation myths from the Iroquois and the African Bushmen are similar because they both are about creation and they share many elements, but there are also differences in the stories because they are different myths from different cultures.
The Iroquois creation myth and the African Bushmen creation myth have many similarities. To start off with they both give an account of the creation of the earth. Also, in both the Iroquois story and the one by the African Bushman, in the beginning
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To start off with the people in each story get onto the earth in different ways. In the Iroquois story a pregnant woman is pushed onto the earth by her husband. In the African Bushmen story everyone is peacefully led onto the earth by Kanng. In addition the earth was formed in different ways in each story. In the Iroquois myth it was only water until the animals made land for the woman who was pushed off the earth to live on. In the African Bushman myth the earth is created by Kanng for his people to live on. Another difference in the two myths is how long it took to create the earth. In the African Bushmen myth Kanng finished creating the earth before he let people inhabit it. In the Iroquois myth the earth was not finished when the first woman started living on it and she and her sons helped to finish it. Both myths have unique elements and differences.
The Iroquois myth and the African Bushmen myth have both similarities and differences. They come from different cultures so it is natural that they have differences. However, since both depict creation they have a number of similarities. Both myths give an interesting perspective on how different groups of people think the world was
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