Similarities Between Antigone And Creon

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Creon vs. Antigone: Who is more tragic? In the story of Antigone, Creon and Antigone go through tragic events such as getting themselves killed in attempt of saving others or getting their family killed because of their own selfishness and pride. Speaking of selfishness and pride, Creon has self-inflicted suffering and guilt on himself at the end of the story because of those two. For one of the reasons being: He made his son turned against him and made him meet his demise. That chains onto him having his wife Eurydice committing suicide as well as Antigone (his niece) also committing suicide. This proves that Creon was more of a tragic figure than Antigone because he forced the tragedies on himself due to his self-pride and cruelty.…show more content…
Antigone’s tragedy was her staying true to her beliefs with the gods and staying loyal to her family which ended with her ultimately dying in the story as a hero in which I believe is not as tragic as Creon’s tragedy. His tragedy was way more painful than Antigone. Creon on the other hand caused many things that in our minds that we would consider way more sympathetic. To start off, Creon has lost way more than what Antigone had lost. At the end of the story when his family commits suicide, Creon realizes that he was the reason why this whole mess happened and he was the reason his whole family was gone. So Creon lost his wife, son, and niece and now he lives in loneliness having the feeling of sadness and regret for the rest of his entire life. Although Antigone had died, she died with everyone knowing that she was a hero. She buried her brother because she knew it was the right thing to do because of her loyalty for her family and she got locked up and died in attempt of doing it. Antigone was on a mission and she did not care whether she was going to die or not trying to bury her brother. Creon did not have a mission however, he did not mean to have all of this happen to him. He was blinded by his power and his pride so much that he ended up having what’s left of his family killed. He wasn’t going to be a hero like Antigone but instead he was going to live on with the city of Thebes turned against him and conclusively living alone possibly for the rest of his
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