Compare And Contrast Daoism And Buddhism

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Introduction Daoism and Buddhism are two different religions that guide people how to live a good life. They also teach the important values of life to people. They have similar beliefs as both of them believe in the life after death and cycle of life never end. However, Daoism and Buddhism have different views and beliefs about the life after death. In Buddhism, it aims to obtain the enlightenment and releases from the cycle of rebirth and death. Most importantly, it wants to open the door to Nirvana in order to escape from the six realms of existence. On the other hand, in Taoism, it aims to reach the immortal state and stress on performing exercises and ritual to improve physical health. In this essay, I will compare the views of life and death in Taoism and Buddhism and state two differences between them. Comparison and Contrast First of all, Daoism and Buddhism have different explanations and perspectives on reincarnation. In Daoism, the word ‘Dao’ means the path or the way. It aims to achieve Tao which means to attain the right path in life and thus become immortal. Moreover, soul or spirit of a person will never die and it will shift to the other body. After that, it will reborn as another person and this will be repeated until it attain the Dao. When the Dao is achieved, the soul or spirit has the ability to travel through time and space and thus becomes immortal (UK Essays, 2015). However, Buddhism has different ideas on the world after death. Buddhists believed
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