Compare And Contrast Democracy Vs. Republic

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Compare and Contrast Essay of Democracy vs. Republic

Through history till the modern world, there have been several political movements that have shaped nations across the globe. Some of these political movements are widely accepted by various political leaders and citizens, while other political movements are somewhat rejected by society and given a negative perspective. For instance, there are two political movements across the globe, which can be seen as being two different political movements. With two opposing political movements such as a Democracy and a Republic, there are bound to be limitless differences between the two, as well as some similarities. Some of these differences and similarities are more visible than others, but nevertheless every opposing political movement has to have both similarities and differences. The similarities and differences covered focus on
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In a republic, the constitution protects only certain rights, which cannot be taken away from the government even if the majority of civilians have elected these rights. In a democracy, it is different where the majority of civilians is not restrained to rights and can impose their own rights on the minorities present within a society. However, along with having different limitations on governments by the law, the two political movements do have similar principles on the ideas of rights, where through the use of a representational system, they both allow citizens to vote to elect politicians to represent their interests as well as to form a government to represent these so called civilian rights. Therefore, there are some overlaps is between the way the two governments are ruled, however at the end of the day the clear difference is that no matter what the outcome civilian rights, it all depends on the way the elected bodies choose to distribute these rights over
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