Suhail Bahwan Leadership Styles

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There are two types of people in this world, followers and leaders. Since the followers are those who have no leadership role in any activity. But leaders who are know how to use their leadership skills to making a difference in this world, for example, presidents or teachers or even university graduates have the leadership is to create a clear vision, and sharing that vision with others so that they follow willingly, provide information, knowledge and methods to achieve these vision, coordination and balance between the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders. Suhail Bahwan is a person of the second type of people which is leaders; Suhail Bahwan has a good leadership among its employees as it is one of the most advanced and…show more content…
These types of leaders are sure to create a distinct professional relationship only. Direct supervision is what they believe is the key to maintaining a successful ship tuned environment. Often follow the authoritarian leadership styles see those dominants, and may not necessarily be compatible with those led. Authoritarian’s leaders focus on efficiency, where you can look to other methods, such as democratic style, as an obstacle to progress. Examples of authoritarian leadership: A police officer directs traffic, and a teacher ordered students to perform his mission, and a supervisor to instruct subordinates to clean up the workstation. All these positions require a distinctive set of characteristics that give the leader position to get things in order or get a point across. Authoritarian qualities: Goals individually specify, engaged primarily in communication in one descending direction, and control the discussion with observers, and controls the…show more content…
So, Suhail Bahwan, the team respects the team very much to develop relationships and if he does not have respect for his team, he may not be able to get the best possible work from them when it comes to supporting the company's work.

 Generosity with special resources to work: Generosity is a great feature of the leader there are many different ways to express this feature to the staff and other stakeholders. Generosity is a fundamental support and a reason for raising the work in the organization, for example giving to charities or it can be generous in terms of compensating the team for the effort of rewarding value or may mean Also, the leader is as generous as Suhail Bahwan has done to many charities, employees and people in general. It is also possible that the leader will be generous in his time or experience to the staff at work. Although many companies may not have the means to save money for team members and reasons, if you can show willingness to help and support people in any way possible, people are likely to pay attention to your

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