The Progressives: Poor Conditions Of The Early Twentieth Century

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The start of Democrats and Republicans was slavery. The Republicans were not for slavery, while the Democrats were. The south believed that the Bible said that African Americans were inferior to whites, and were meant to be their slaves. Once freed, the north attempted to integrate the African Americans through bills. The south did everything to restrict their freedom. The north trying to keep the Union together had to compromise. In 1964, there was a significant election. The Civil Rights movement was occurring. The Democrats were for equality, while the Republicans were not. There was a switch on the stance of African Americans. Democrats, originally, didn’t support equality. In 1964, Barry Goldwater(Republican) ran against Lyndon B. Johnson(Democrat) for the presidency. Lyndon B. Johnson won, but Barry Goldwater had won seven southern states. The South was…show more content…
The Progressives emerged out of the poor conditions of the early twentieth century. The Progressives introduced many work reforms. They reshaped the factories treatment of their employees, and conditions if their products. There was only one African American progressive. Soon after they passed their reforms, the progressives dissolved into the Democratic party. What caused the above changes was the parties’ stances on minorities. Each time there is an emergence or switch, it centers on minorities rights with the exception of the Progressives. The Progressives emerged solely out the corrupted industries. The parties beliefs switching during the Civil Rights movement is an example. The most important component of the American landscape is religion. The Republican party' beliefs are centered around religion. Most Americans are Christian, so the Republican party appeals to them somewhat. Not every Christian is Republican. Some are more Democratic than Republican. The above is how the political parties changed over the past 150
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