Difference Between Determinism And Libertarianism

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Determinism and Libertarianism
For many years, people have discussed how we choose what to do and what is the reason for choosing what to do. According to determinism, our actions are out of control. Determinism claims that whatever we do is determined by previous events; therefore, we should not be countable for whatever we do. Libertarianism, on the other hand, rejects the determinism and claims that everything we do is voluntary and we are free to make decisions. Unlike a determinist, a libertarian would argue that whatever we do could be different if we desired to choose differently and if it were physically possible to choose differently. Both determinists and libertarians try to prove each other wrong in many situations, but both generalize
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There are things that we do and we know that they are bad for us, but we keep doing them because they are out of our control. Similarly, there are some good things, like exercising, eating healthy foods, learning some good-but-complicated things, and so on, that we do not do and we do not like to do because some forces keep us from doing them. If you think that you can choose to do something freely the way you want a, think again and deeper, because something else caused you to decide doing that specific thing instead of doing something else instead. Or perhaps you did not have other choices. These and many more are all examples of determinism. Determinism 's argument is that whatever we do is a result of a previous event and we cannot choose what to do because it is already chosen for us. Even though we may think that we chose to do something, it is not up to us because it is up to whatever caused us to do…show more content…
While determinism argues that we are determined by forces and whatever we do is predetermined, libertarianism says the opposite. Libertarianism 's position is that we are responsible for all of our actions all the time. Religious view of determinism is different from the view of some other determinists since theological determinists are convinced that God determines everything. Since neither determinism nor libertarianism explains the problem of free will clearly, compatibilism explains the problem better than both of them because it agrees with both in some ways that make sense and disagrees with both about too generalized

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