Compare And Contrast Devil's Arithmetic Book And Movie

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After reading and watching, Devil’s Arithmetic, there were many apparent things that were very different from the book to the movie. The names of characters, how people lost their lives, and other things were changed when the movie was written. But, the overall themes and feelings of the characters were they same in both formats of the story. Devil’s Arithmetic, written by Jane Yolen that was later turned into a movie in 1999, was centered around Hannah Stern, a young Jewish girl who is sick of remembering. During her family’s Seder, she is transported to Poland during the time of the Holocaust. While not understanding how she got to another place and time, Hannah and her Polish family are taken to a concentration camp and must suffer through the misery and terror of being in the camp. Many people, her family and strangers, are “chosen” but the people who aren’t, listen to Hannah, who tells them stories of her home and other stories she knows to help keep the other prisoners’ spirits up. Hannah’s friend, Rivka, was chosen, so Hannah trades places with her so that she can live. We later find out that after Rivka survives the camp, she takes the name Eva, which is the name of Hannah’s Aunt. Though many of…show more content…
Even though they were very similar, I liked the book better than the movie. I liked the book better because it had more detail about her family before she went to the camp and I liked the story behind her family in Poland. I would recommend the book to my mother because she read about it when she learned that our class was going to read the book, and she thought it seemed very interesting. I would recommend the movie to my father, because he is more of a movie kind of person and he watches lots of documentaries. The movie and the book, Devil’s Arithmetic, while they were the same story had many differences that differentiated the two from each
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