Compare And Contrast Dictators And Bullies

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Throughout the world we have incidents happening that make it on tv, radio or even billboards. At times, even incidents that happened in the past are brought up such as the terrifying story of the notable dictator Adolf Hitler or bullying around the world. All these incidents have many people debating, suffering, and uncompromising leadership, but what does it feel like getting hurt and losing freedom? Dictators and bullies enjoy taking people’s freedom away and use manipulation/intimidation to compel their victims to do their wills, so dictators/bullies make it harsh for them. However, this doesn’t mean that dictators and bullies are identical. Dictators and bullies may share the same characteristics, but they as well have different aspects.

Dictators and bullies both are driven by the authority and power, but as well like to remove freedom/pride from others by employing some violence in getting what they want. However, dictators are more of controlling land or large population, unlike bullies whos authority can be run only in school. They both have talents in getting their themselves out of trouble or situations. For example, if a kid is caught mistreating one of his fellow classmates he would smooth talk his way out from getting in trouble and at times succeed.On the other hand, a dictator would be convincing/believable to his international community and win over his popularity. He would try to escape from being accused guilty of his actions. Even a

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