Compare And Contrast District 12 And District 11

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District 12 and District 11 have a lot of differences. The fence is district 12 is old and not maintained. While the fence is District 11 is strong with barbed wire and metal plates, so you are not able to escape.“Towering at least thirty-five feet in the air”. P.55. They have watchtowers that surround the fence. Also, in District 11 the peacekeepers are very strict. They shot a guy for whistling Rue’s song. In District 12 Katniss is able to sneak under the fence without being killed. District 12 and District are very different.
Even though they 're different they still have a lot in common. Both of them are one of the poorest Districts. They live in extreme poverty. The people of District 12 and District 11 strive to stay alive each day. If
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