Compare And Contrast Divergent And Beowulf

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Ever since the very first stories and epics were created, every single one of them has shaped the lives and societies of those who read them. Stories were principally used to carry on heroes’ legends for generations to come. In modern times, stories are written for the pleasure of millions of readers, for informative purposes, and everything else in between. Beowulf, whose author is unknown, still sheds much light on Anglo-Saxon society. It revealed things about them that historians otherwise wouldn’t have known. The epic highlighted their ideals, while still maintaining the engaging elements of a story. Veronica Ruth’s Divergent takes place in the future and it is loosely based on modernistic standards, but in a different context since it is concerning a completely different society. Although seemingly polar opposites, both of these stories can be united through some similar aspects,…show more content…
It originated in the land of the Danes, and ended in the place Beowulf ruled, Geatland. Beowulf was the kind of hero who went on countless journeys, which caused him to see many places. His journeys were purely physical, since he was never confused about what the right thing to do was. Another epic quality that Beowulf exceeded in was the presence of supernatural beings. Nearly every predator he fought was far from human, spanning from Grendel, to Grendel’s mother, to the ferocious fire-breathing dragon that took his life. Beowulf and Divergent both had brave heroes, who put their lives on the line multiple times. In fact, when no one else would step up to defeat Grendel, Beowulf was the one who volunteered. He even says, “Now I mean to be a match for Grendel, settle the outcome in single combat.” (Line 29). Although there are many similarities between the two epics, there are even more

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