Compare And Contrast Divergent And Hunger Games

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Two notably similar movies that are both very popular are Divergent and The Hunger Games. Both series have three books, and have been developed into films. The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, was published in 2008 while Divergent, written by Veronica Roth, was published in 2011. Even though Divergent generated 179.2 million dollars at the box office, The Hunger Games produced 755.4 million dollars. Although Divergent has more realistic qualities, The hunger Games was more successful and well known. Even though Divergent and The Hunger Games are similar, they have some key differences. The plot in both novels are very similar, but have some slight differences. In Divergent there are six factions and the main character, Beatrice also known as Tris, has to take a test and is then placed in the faction that best fits her personality based off the test scores. When Tris takes the test she finds out she is one of the few people who are divergent, which means they do not belong in one specific faction and have traits from many of the factions. Divergent people get killed off by the…show more content…
Both Divergent and The Hunger Games have females as the lead character, and they are both accompanied by a male companion. In Divergent the main character is Beatrice Prior, and her companion is Tobias Eaton, also know as Four. Tris starts in the beginning of the story as a naive young girl that is unaware of what is happening to divergent people. She then transforms into a rebelling, strong, and powerful woman that stands up for what she believes in. In The Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is similar to Tris because she starts off as a quiet girl who just follows the rules, but by the end she is standing up against the capital. Her companion is Peeta Mellark. Both characters are very strong female leaders that have a purpose and represent growth, change, and overcoming
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