Compare And Contrast Donald Trump And Ben Carson

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Donald Trump v. Ben Carson Some of our past leaders have brought our country to greatness and some have made the U.S. a laughing stock. With our country in turmoil, making the right choice of whom you will vote for to be our next leader can be difficult if you are uninformed about the candidates running for office. Donald Trump and Ben Carson are two Republican candidates surging in the polls for the 2016 nomination for president. Both candidates have generally similar values and opinions on today’s issues, but drastically different attitudes during interviews and debates. While Ben Carson is usually quieter and less abrasive, Donald Trump is louder and much more controversial. Ben Carson and Donald Trump have fairly comparable views regarding budgeting and the…show more content…
Both Carson and Trump are pro-life regarding abortion. Carson believes it should only be allowed within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy or in the case of rape. Trump has announced that after years of being pro-choice, he is now pro-life. He also stated that he will fight to reverse ObamaCare which contains loopholes that fund abortion. Both candidates agree hate-speech is harmful and shouldn’t be tolerated. Carson has stated that “free speech is wonderful, hate speech can do real harm.” Trump has said that we must not tolerate the hate crimes such as the murder of Matthew Shepard for his sexual orientation. Carson and Trump differ slightly when is comes to same-sex marriage, however. Carson believes in gay rights but not gay marriage. He believes that homosexuality is a choice and that marriage is meant to be between a man and a woman. While he does not believe in gay marriage, he does agree that same-sex couples should be able to have a legally binding relationship to secure property rights. Trump believes gay-marriage is a state issue, not a federal
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