Compare And Contrast Dracula And Nosferatu

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There are many similarities and differences which have been represented in the extract and in the film such as the story, the Count’s appearance and the emotions felt and many more. There are not as many similarities compared to differences as both stories are similar however, some parts have been changed.
In Nosferatu it is a film which can be watched. In the film there is no dialogue but music. There are only two protagonists. The story includes figurative languages and also a visual imagery of what has happened. An example of figurative language would be: “beautiful expanse, bathed in soft yellow moonlight till it was almost as light as day” which explains that it was bright like day. Another example is a simile which is ‘inequality move downwards with considerable speed, just as a lizard moves along a wall. This suggests that Harker is scared to see a person moving along the wall as it unnatural.
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In my opinion, the film and story create a sense of insecure and tension as the descriptive and similes make you imagine what is happening. The story and the film also have the same setting as they are both set at the Count’s home. Another similarity is that Count Dracula and Count Orlok share the same clothing and appearance as they are tall, clad in black from head to foot. Even though in the Dracula extract is also says that Dracula carried an antique silver lamp but in the film Count Orlok is hunched
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