Compare And Contrast Earthquake And Alaska Earthquake

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There are a lot of unexpected thing happened to our life. The Valdivia earthquake and Alaskan earthquakes is the most strongest earthquakes that ever happen in the world and this earthquakes are giving both of the two country a very big impact to their population and economy, they also losing a lot of people, housed, money and a huge of the area that earthquakes happened got damage. By the way one of the American author, Thomas Sowell, had said that “All thing are the same except for the differences and different except for the similarities” and that it true however both of them are the top strongest earthquakes but they are some different and similarity between them.

Valdivia earthquake and Alaska earthquake are happened in America. They have the same impact like secondary hazard. They are tsunamis, secondary hazard, that causes after the earthquake, tsunami had killed a lot of people and destroy area around there.
The effect for Valdivia earthquake are too big so they’re traveled across to the Pacific Ocean and traveled along to the southern Chile, Hawaii, Philippine, Japan and etc, with the speed are over than 200 miles per hour. While the effect for Alaska is also big, that why this incident which is caused tsunami and massive landslides are also affect a lot in Canada to Hawaii.
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Which 40% of the houses, farms, livestock are destroyed during Valdivia earthquakes, also they are 1,655 people dead, 3,000 injured, 2,000,000 homeless and $550 million damage. So for the Alaska earthquake, are also known as the Great Alaskan Earthquake, the Portage Earthquake and the Good Friday Earthquake. This earthquakes is a largest earthquake that happened in North America and the second most powerful earthquake recorded in history. Which the earthquakes event are killed 131 people, and 119 people are die because of tsunami while this damage are cost $311 million in 1964

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