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In the later part of the 1970’s, Edward and Lorraine Warren would conduct an investigation on the now well-known house in the city of Amityville as a result of concerns from the homeowner at the time. Ed was a demonologist, while Lorraine was a trance medium, which Reverend Stefanidakis defines as having the gift that allows the spiritual communicator to speak through her consciously. While in the house, Lorraine’s gift enabled her to experience unpleasant visions and was be given disturbing messages; meanwhile, Ed was physically attacked by spirits. Aside from this, the Warrens captured a picture of a little boy peeking his head out of a bedroom door, and saw shadows moving past them. They questioned how there could be so much activity in one location, and later found that a…show more content…
These people were regretfully left to die, and the Warrens would conclude that it is no wonder this property had so much darkness clouding over it. All of the dark, negative energy was left behind by those who previously resided over the land which consequently attracted dark spirits into the home which would be later built on the land in 1924. The Warrens felt the need to cleanse the house of all of its evil; and while not easy, it is believed to have been successful. Prior to this, however, Ronald and Louise Defeo assumed ownership over the home and resided in it along with their five children. On November 13th of 1974, the eldest child, Ronald Defeo Jr. (Butch) who at the time was 23 years old, ran into a nearby bar asking for help claiming that his family had been shot. He had claimed that he was not home when it happened but later confessed that the voices made him do it after investigators found a rifle box in his room. His mother, father, and four younger siblings were found dead, face down, on their beds, with no signs of

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