Compare And Contrast Edward Jones And Wegmans

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Compare and Contrast: Edward Jones & Wegmans Food Markets Thesis: The given paper will be comparing and contrasting two important companies, Edward Jones and Wegmans Food Markets with the help of block method. These two companies will be compared on the basis of their market presence and business culture parameters and finally will be recommending the appropriate HR strategies to have an edge over their rival companies. Edward Jones Background Edward Jones is a highly focused company in the diversified financial domain. It is one of the leading financial services providers and consultant to the individual investors. Back in 1922, Edward D. Jones Sr. has founded this firm with a view to provide investment recommendation to the rural Americans.…show more content…
Chiefly, it is a supermarket chain with 85 stores in the US, John and Walter Wegmans has established it long time ago in 1916. It has received many awards from the society due to its best grocery stores, in the US. People appreciate this company because of its quality goods, an outstanding and plenty of choice, eatery-excellence and enjoyable foods, attractive stores and displays, low prices, intuitive and superior customer service (Boxall & Patrick 2007). Market Presence Having more than 70,000 products (root vegetable, chicken, seafood, pastas, gluten-free products, bakery, kosher, pick-me-ups, organic appetizers, wines, and medicinal products, florist and cuisine facilities), along with an inviting range of unique options such as cheese shops, sub-shops and French-style pastry shops, and 140,000 sq. ft. space, this firm is outshines in the supermarket business. It has more than 45,000 employees in the 6 states of the US and average annual sales range in billion figure. For the general public, it is having enough products and amenities to wow the crowd…show more content…
Its recycling policy is eminent in the society and it is honored with the most ethical company. Moreover, cleanliness, quality and legitimate product trade, and customer contentment pretty parameters are some of the examples of its uniqueness. The company has designed its framework in such a way that it is appropriate for the governmental regulations and also able to face up the climate problems. A staff satisfaction, food quality, drainage amenities, goods and credit market, societal onus such as health awareness, cigarette prohibition, and so on are also considerable factors for the

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