Compare And Contrast Egypt And China

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China and Egypt were both early civilizations that developed long ago and on different continents. In order to be classified as a civilization certain things were needed like a surplus of food, a division of labor, and the building of cities. Even though they were located far apart, many similarities and differences can be found between these two groups. China and Egypt both began near rivers. China was by the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers. Egypt was by the Nile River. All of these rivers flooded. The Nile River flooding provided dark, rich silt that gave the Egyptians rich soil for farming. They learned how to channel flood waters and use reservoirs. Even though the flooding of the Yellow River helped the soil for the Chinese, the river…show more content…
China crafted bronze goblets, cups, and bowls. Egypt made jewelry from gold, silver, glass, and stones. The Chinese built huge walls that were 30 feet high and 60 feet wide. Egyptians used math to craft the Sphinx, Great Pyramids, and statues with stone. China’s big secret was that they learned how to spin and weave silk thread into cloth. China traded silk and bronze work. Egypt traded jewels, cotton, gold, chickens and ivory. There were several other characteristics that China and Egypt had in common. Both Egypt and China worshipped many nature gods. Both believed in an afterlife. Egyptians developed mummification to help preserve the body of the dead for the next life. Chinese believed in fortune telling and would write on oracle bones to predict the future. Egypt was ruled by Kings known as pharaohs. China was ruled by emperors. A form of writing was also developed by both cultures. China’s writing was called calligraphy and Egypt’s writing was called hieroglyphics. Even though they were located on different continents, amazingly both China and Egypt found similar ways to start their civilizations. Although differences existed in the goods they produced, what their writing was called, and how they ruled, the similarities between these civilizations were many. One big difference is that the Chinese civilization still exists
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