Compare And Contrast Egypt And Israel

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Egypt and Israel.
Egypt and Israel are countries with similar geography and topography, along with sharing a history of war, diplomacy, and trade. The land area of modern Egypt spans across the Middle East. Israel, in contrast, is a small country. Both countries’ development has been affected by bodies of water, or lack of, and deserts across the Middle-East.
Egypt is bordered by Libya on the West, Sudan south, and Israel and Jordan on the North and East. Egypt’s area spans across 386,662 square miles, which is divided into two main types of land, black land, which is built up silt, on the Nile River. The black land of silt was created by centuries of annual flooding. This black land is ideal for farming, which was one of the driving forces that made Egypt a dominant civilization in ancient times. Farming in Egypt depends almost entirely on the Nile River. Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is located North East on the banks of the Nile River and near the Mediterranean Sea, where the river spills into the ocean. Cairo was and still is today a major center of trade and business.
The Nile River has three main
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These vast deserts have protected Egypt from many invaders in ancient times. One desert, the Arabian Desert, or the Eastern desert, provided large stretches of sand that protected Egypt’s eastern borders. While the desert land is provided with rainfall, it is rare and there is little of it. It has cliffs reaching up to 6,500 feet, with dry valleys and dunes. Then, there is the Sahara desert, the largest hot desert in the world, covering 3,320,000 square miles across northern Africa. The Sahara is full of dunes and strong winds. These long, dry trips to get into Egypt’s heartland, where the country’s major cities are, provided a major problem for invaders trying to colonize. Some invaders included Nubians and Libyans from the West and South, but these were often clans or tribes grouped
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