Compare And Contrast Egypt And Mayans

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Egypt and Maya were two of the greatest and most advanced civilizations that we have discovered. They flourished at different times and were located thousands of miles away from each other but had many things in common, as well as many differences. Egypt was at its peak before Maya at around 3,200 B.C. Maya reached its peak at around 250 A.D. Egypt was located along the Nile River and delta in Northern Africa. The Mayan Empire was located in present-day Mexico and Central America. Although these cultures seem different, they also had many similarities. Some major differences and similarities are in their environments, religions, and architecture. Both the Egyptians and the Mayans were isolated in their environments. They were both located near bodies of water like the Nile River and Mediterranean Sea near Egypt, and the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean near Maya. Also, they both had good great farming techniques that they created as a part of adapting to their geographies. The Egyptians farmed along the Nile River which was rich in silt, which allowed their farming to be successful and they would not run out of land to use. The Mayans built terraces into mountains, because unlike Egypt’s massive desert, they lived in a…show more content…
Both civilizations built massive pyramids. Some differences among these pyramids is their purposes and structure. The Egyptians’ were pointed on the top and used for a pharaoh’s tomb, while the Mayans’ were flat-topped and used for making sacrifices to the gods. Most of the architecture in both civilizations were dedicated to their gods. Both used the resources around their areas to construct their tremendous architecture. However, the resources from Egypt and Maya were quite different. Egypt used limestone and sandstone, giving their buildings a strong and sturdy structure. Stone and bricks were used in Maya, also giving their buildings a sturdy

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