Compare And Contrast Eleanor And Henry

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exceedingly common with the nobility of the middle ages Eleanor mentions that having a husband who was faithful could be boring which she quotes her former marriage with King Louis VII. Eleanor and Henry were both passionate and stubborn. They were both active in political affairs. even after Their marriage began to deteriorate. Eleanor still maintained power and authority at the lowest points of her life. She was quick-witted intelligent and manipulative in the way a great queen could be her favorite son was Richard otherwise known as Richard the lion-hearted who was a skilled fighter and a natural leader and could eventually become king After King Henry died and she was released from prison.
No one questioned her authority when she was released. she was 65 years old and she laid the law making sure everyone knew she would take no for an answer. she aided Richard now the king and made nobles and political figures take oaths of allegiance to the new king. she was a political hurricane. a queen with power and respect for a king. Her life had its ups and downs, but her life was exciting and full of a lot of opportunities that most women even today would not be able to even have.
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Things would never change regardless of how his father tried to help him Johns appetite for power would always outweigh any sense of loyalty to his father. In the last years or so of King Henry 's life, Henry was facing problems from his oldest surviving son Richard and from the King of France Phillip Augustus and the fear that they may be rallying against him John wasted no time in Joining the brother Richard and Augustus in rebellion against his
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