Printed Books Vs Electronic Books Essay

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There have been a lot of discussions about if electronic books are preferred more than printed books. People who claim that printed books are more useful expect that physical books assist the person to understand the information better than the electronic books, however, in reality the electronic books can handle larger amounts of books in one place and are accessible to edit if anyone found any mistakes. According to an article by the title of “Practical overlap: The possibility of replacing print books with e-books” (Anderson, 2013) the author says that in the United Kingdom for every 100 printed book that was sold, a 114 electronic copy of the same book were sold on a website. Considering the fact that electronic books are…show more content…
Nevertheless, people should understand that e-books cost way cheaper than physical copies. If the person wants to bring the same amount of books in the e-books yet in a printed version, they will pay a high amount of money because there are a lot of books. In addition, some people describe the e-books stores like a gargantuan library. Also, writers prefer electronic books more than printed books. According to the article “Library Demand for E-books and E-book Pricing: An Economic Analysis.” (2014) the writer addresses that most writers think that electronic books are the right path, considering the fact that it is way cheaper to the writer, and the writer won’t pay that much. Furthermore, the publishers play a major role because in printed books every book that needs to be published needs a publisher. However, electronic book do not need any publisher for the reason that the writer can post the book in any place he/she wants. Also, there are a few websites that do not collect any price to publish books in their websites. According to several people they prefer e-books since the claim that instead of taking four or five printed books, they can pick up one tablet and inside it they have these four or five books, and it is way cheaper than the printed books that are being sold in some book shops. From this we can confirm that the electronic books are cheap and they do not

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