Compare And Contrast Elizabeth I And Catherine The Great

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In 1558-1603 Elizabeth I ruled over England, she made peace throughout England while there were religious feuds going on. During a different time period of 1762-1796, Catherine the Great ruled over Russia she was not peaceful and killed her husband to get to be Queen. Despite similarities in educational advances, and both did force religion, Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great were more different than similar. Catherine had absolute power and Elizabeth did not and Catherine was more feared than Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great had similarities in the fact that they didn’t force religion. For example Elizabeth found a middle ground between catholic and protestant religions and Catherine accepted Russian orthodox as the church. The reason for their similarities in how they dealt with religion is that…show more content…
One difference between the two queens is that Elizabeth was mostly loved by most of her citizens while Catherine the Great was feared by her people. Queen Elizabeth was well loved by her people because she formed a compromise between the catholic and protestant religions to avoid religious battles. On the contrary Catherine the Great was feared by her people, she exiled many people who did not agree with her. Catherine killed her husband to get to the throne to be queen. Elizabeth the first was loved by the citizens and Catherine the Great was feared by hers. Catherine the great had absolute power over Russia while Elizabeth I did not have an absolute monarch. Catherine the great had complete control over Russia nothing stopped her decisions. She not have parliament or clergy to go through when she passed a law. On the contrary Elizabeth couldn’t do anything without permission from Parliament and nothing religious without permission of the clergy. The only power that the British monarch has is they are allowed to declare war without consent of
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