Compare And Contrast Emily And Miss Brill

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Fiction Essay In the short story “Miss Brill” by Katherine Mansfield and “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, the characters Emily and Miss Brill share similarities and differences. Even though these stories are completely two different stories the two characters share some characteristics that are similar. Some similarities between Emily and Miss Brill is that they both lack having a romantic and social life, they live lonely lives, and they both have a state of denial. However, there differences are their community involvement, and even though they both avoid reality they do it differently. These two women both faced criticism from the people around them. Loneliness, rejection, and isolation are some of the experiences that each of these women had to face, however the way each one handled it was different. “A Rose for Emily’ starts off with Emily Grierson’s funeral. Then it goes back in time to tell about Emily’s childhood. When Emily’s father dies, she refuses to believe it for three days. After her father is buried, Emily is isolated from the outside world. Later on Emily is seen with a man named Homer Barron. They are seen riding around together. However, the word around town is that Homer is not the marrying type. Some ladies want a minister to intervene because they think the relationship is improper. They want the minister to convince them to break it off. After the minister leaves he refuses to talk about what happened during their conversation.
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