Compare And Contrast Empire And Mughal Empire

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Compare and Contrast the Ottoman and Mughal Empires
The Ottoman Empire is a kingdom in Northwestern Anatolia founded during the 13th century by Osman, the Oghuz Turkish tribal leader. It changed to a transcontinental domain after spreading throughout Europe and taking over most of other existing empires within the area, even to Africa. The Ottoman society sustained a stable economy and forces for a remarkable period (17th to 18th century) but lost control after defeat by their rivals in the early 19th century. The Mughal Empire is an empire in India founded during the 15th century through marriage alliances between Persia and Indian Rajput origins. During its peak the realm proliferated in most parts of the Indian subcontinent and Persia, making the dominant culture to remain the Persian and Asian culture. Along with the Ottoman Empire, it was considered to be the fastest growing and most potent
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With the mistakes and failures of the Ottoman Empire, such individuals applied different strategies in the governance while in the Mughal Empire. Since Islam was the dominant religion in the Ottoman Empire, young boys were converted to Islam to train for war, while in the Mughal Empire they created their faith as a leisure pursuit, so everyone training for war exercised their freedom to worship wherever they preferred (pg 499-501). The Ottoman Empire soldiers soon gave in to their rivals causing their defeat. On the other hand, since the soldiers in The Mughal Empire had the freedom to choose their religion, they felt respected and fought to victory at all encounters with their enemies. Inner dissatisfaction in the Mughal Empire that led to its crumbling was because of poor administrative techniques; whereas, in the Ottoman Empire it was because of domination by contenders in the most highly populated areas and taking over power (pg
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