Compare And Contrast English And Spanish Colonization

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As many people know, the world we live in is huge. Many have tried and succeeded to colonize some parts of the world. Two of the biggest colorizations that happen in past are between the English and Spanish. At the same time, both would be fighting and taking over the Native Americans and disrespected them. From both colonization, many settlers have died from starving, the harsh weather, and from fighting each other. The English and Spanish came to North America seeking quick riches and discovering new land but little did they know that they were not the only first people to populate North America. The English colonization is quite different from Spanish Colonization through motivation, settlement and relations with Native Americans, and Economic and Political Changes. Both English and Spanish had different ideas and motivation of colonizing the North America. In 1607, the English started their colonization in Jamestown, Virginia hoping of finding crops (Jones, pg. 36). Many people whom didn't have land or little land wanted to explore for land, which what the first settlers consisted of.…show more content…
The Spanish wanted to convert the Pueblo Indians to Christianity same thing as the English. The Spanish reached out to the compact native towns. Both sides would continuously fight ending in a reluctant submission of the Pueblo Indians. They Spanish had demanded labor and food from the Native. This all happened in the Southwest. When the settlers went to Rio Grande Valley, many of them had given up and return to Mexico (Jones, pg. 28). In their desperation to find new land, they took their frustration on the native people. The Spanish soldiers would take robes from women and children in the winter. Because the Native people were too afraid of the Spanish people, they began to accept their protection and accept Christian baptism. The Spanish had control over the Native
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