Compare And Contrast Englishmen Migration To Virginia

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First of all, Englishmen migrations to Massachusetts and to Virginia were supported by the two different companies, Massachusetts Bay Company and London Company, except the migration of those people on the Mayflower to Plymouth in 1607 that was supported by London Company. Since England would like to explore the New World to find out more ways to become wealthier and plundered treasures as Spain and Portugal, the King granted permission of establishing a colony on the coast of North America of 100 miles square between the 31th parallel and the 41th parallel to London Company in 1606. (hist of vir3) London Company then firstly sent out 120 members to Virginia in December 1606. (hist of vir53) On May 13, 1607, those people stopped at a peninsula and decided…show more content…
(embassy) Those people settled down in Plymouth thereafter and became the exception. For another round of migrations to Massachusetts Bay colony starting from 1630, migrants were sent by Massachusetts Bay Company, which was a company similar as London Company. It was empowered by the King to colonize the area from 3 miles north of the Merrimack River to 3 miles south of the Charles River in New England.(pur40) John Winthrop was entrusted by the Massachusetts Bay Company to bring people to the New World. In March 1630, John Winthrop led thousands of Puritans to the New World and selected Boston harbor as a settlement.(pur 46) Boston became an important place and was seen as a center of Massachusetts Bay colony, which attracted much more Puritans to migrate to Massachusetts later on. Overall, Englishmen migrations to the New World were sent by two different companies, which sent the migrants to the two different colonial areas, Massachusetts and Virginia, with the exception of the Mayflower
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