Jack Will And Odysseus Comparison

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The qualities of heroes vary from story to story, depending on the situation each hero is placed in. Known for their admirable traits, epic heroes have characteristics that are beyond the normal human standards. Present day heroes uphold some similar ideals, although, are evidently shown under different lights. Regardless of time period, heroes know right from wrong and are able to display qualities which are unique to their personality. As shown in The odyssey, Odysseus, the protagonist who is held captive on an island, displays the qualities of an epic hero. In the novel Wonder, Jack Will can be seen as a hero as his courageous acts are magnified throughout. The heroes in the two novels are similar in the sense that they both exhibit qualities…show more content…
When the cyclops trapped Odysseus and his crew in a cave, Odysseus used a wooden spear to gouge the cyclops one eye out. He even was brave enough to tell the Cyclops,”What you’ve done outrages all that’s right!” (Homer, 222) This excerpt further proves that Odysseus was brave enough to stick up for him and his crew after the cyclops trapped them. Another heroic characteristic that Jack Will and Odysseus have in common is that they both were able to differentiate right from wrong, which is an important quality to acquire. In order to be characterized as a hero, one would first need to possess correct morals , which is exactly what Odysseus and Jack will did. An example of the correct morals that Jack Will was able to uphold throughout was that he able to recognize what was right from what was wrong. He upheld that moral when he heard Julian, another student, making rude remarks and asking blunt questions as shown when he said,“Jeez, Julian,” said Jack. “Just shut up.” (Palacio, 29) This passage from the story allows readers to recognize Jack Will’s ability to differentiate right from wrong because although Jack was uncomfortable with Auggie after having met him for the first time, he still knew how to keep his morals. Just as Jack upheld correct
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