Compare And Contrast Epics In The Iliad

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The dramatically different ways in which Homer and Virgil depict defining moments within their epics, perfectly sheds light upon the different intentions of between their epics. Even in spite of Homer’s work serving as a clear influence to Vergil’s work, the varying intent of the two epics lead to a completely different story. In essence, the purpose for Homer’s epic is primarily to entertain the audience, while the other is to serve as a piece of political propaganda and affirm the greatness of Rome. Furthermore, the different depictions of the underworld, along with the imagery adorned on the shields also communicate another key difference,which is the author’s perspective on the purpose of life. Overall, regardless of Homer’s influence on Virgil’s work, their almost contradictory outlook on life, along with the purpose of their stories serve to create two immensely different epics, in which Homer’s…show more content…
He has little care for his comrades, with the exception of Patroclus. Contrasting this, Aeneas is a placid and disciplined warrior. In the Aeneid, Aeneas is a venerable leader and a benevolent Roman. Homer’s did not idolize Achilles by turning a blind eye to his very human flaws, his actions have clear consequences. The raw, emotional depiction of Achilles is almost the polar opposite of the sober Aeneas.The contrasting intent between the two poems are heightened within the description of the hero's’ shields. Aeneas’ shield portrays the glorious accomplishments that future Rome will achieve.(Mastin). His shield solely revolves around the future of Rome. But Achilles shield is more cynical, it depicts what was occuring during the Siege of Troy and seems to mostly display the detriment of war. (“Iliad”).Considering that The Aeneid is political propaganda, it should come as no surprise to the reader that Aeneas’ shield caters to the Roman delusion that their empire is

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