Compare And Contrast Essay About America

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America is seen as many different things to many different people. How I want to see America is with pride. America has changed. We are not the selfless citizens we once were. Debt continues to rise every second. And there is no way to know that we actually have the right amount of freedom that was supposed to be given to us. While I carry on to grow older and experience and learn more, my once innocent outlook on America comes crashing down once the truth starts to unfold. There is always something someone wants to do to improve America and make it a better place to live. From giving more jobs to Americans all the way to legalizing gay marriage in all fifty states, there will always be unhappiness. All I want for America is for us to be happy again. I want people to see America as the place to live where there is no judgement, no need to feel guilty, and a place where kids don’t have to be frowned upon because they’re obese. America is huge! Fifty states with diverse cultures, languages, and people, but we all want the same thing. The fact that we can all be consequently different and still have an identical goal is the driving factor that keeps America together.…show more content…
My vision for America is to go back and live in the days with lower taxes, lower obesity rate, and a happier life at home. No more divorced parents, no more having to ask a crush out via text, no more wishing that there was a way for kids to go outside and play instead of playing their new electronics. It’s hard to think that my children will have to experience so many different things than I did. They will never know what it is like to have to call on a home phone or have to sit through what the parents chose for the show on t.v because we didn’t have our own television in our rooms. My children will have to be the saviors of the pollution, the brains for our education, and the ones who carry on to try and love America like we
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