Compare And Contrast Essay About Moving To American Culture

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When My mom decided to move to USA from Pakistan because my dad business was here. I was really sad I didn't want to leave my country because all my friends was there and I was also scared that I would not be able to adjust and adapt to American culture. When I first came here everything felt so different the food, the language, the way people dressed, etc. So when I started going to school here and it was my first day I felt like I did not belong here because I could not speak the language and I thought I would never be able to learn English. So when I came back home from school, I told my mom I really wanted to go back to Pakistan because I feel like I did not belong here. I remember for a few weeks of my school at lunch I just use to sit alone and eat my lunch I was really shy and I did not want to talk to anyone because I thought they might say something that I would not be able to understand and I would get really embarrassed.…show more content…
I learn most of my English not from my English class, but rather by talking to people and watching a lot of cartoons and as time went on I started adapting to American culture and society. I remember one time in school, I wore pajamas to school and some girls kept saying “Almas is wearing a pajamas” I did not get it what was wrong about it until one day I realize in America people wore pajamas to bed and they did not go out in it. I kept learning new things about American culture and started feeling like I belong here. One thing that was really hard for me was when I had to give a presentation in front of my whole English class I got really scared I did not want to mess it up and made fun
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