Compare And Contrast Essay About Wrestling In College

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Wrestling vs Not Wrestling (In College)

The opportunities are plentiful and the rewards are generous. College, it’s a time for young adults to go off and try new things, grow as their own selves and pave their own path. There are an abundance of people who go off to college and participate in athletics, for myself this is an option. Wrestling is my sport, it’s all I know besides cattle, and it’s playing a major role in an extremely important life choice. Or is one better off sticking to school itself? Wrestling in college would provide new opportunities as well as limiting the things that a person could do. The sport of wrestling takes up many hours of brutal work and intense dedication. First there’s practices, everyday for a few hours a day, they will take up much needed time for school work and other activities that are offered in college. There are meets and tournaments to schedule around as well. There will never be a set time that one would have available with such a busy schedule. This will also teach the athlete how to manage their time properly. Many student athletes have study tables set during certain times of the week to assist them with their busy lifestyles. While these study tables are a great way for the
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Some even say “Going to college is as much about finding out who you really are as it is about getting that degree” (Staff). There are many things that a college student finds out about themselves, such as their work ethic, how well they manage their time, and how to live away from home. Students have a much heavier and intense work load than they did in High School, which teaches students how to manage their time well. Students must have good time management so that they don’t fall behind in their work. Going to college is an enjoyable part of ones life where they learn new things about themselves at the same time making new friends and learning new
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