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“I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice"(Wolverine). “With great power comes great responsibility”(Spiderman). Wolverine and Spiderman are two very different superheros. Wolverine, a trained assassin, killing wherever his employer sends him. Spider-Man on the other hand serves to protect, anybody in danger is likely to meet him. Wolverine was born with the ability to summon blades from his knuckles on command, and the ability to heal far faster than most people. Spider man on the other hand was bitten by a radioactive spider giving him the ability to shoot webs and climb walls. Two greatly different characters, with very different intentions. What if these two very skilled opponents crossed paths on a bad day? Would they get into a fight? If so Wolverine would win.

First of all, Spider-man couldn’t severely harm
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Wolverine was trained as “a soldier, C.I.A., Operatives, Spy, Samurai, X-Men, also trained in Weapons, Vehicles, Computers, Explosions, and Assassinations”(Wolverine). Also “Wolverine possesses superhuman acute senses” (Wolverine), allowing him to track down any opponent. Spiderman may be good at running away, but wolverine could “Sniff out” spiderman at a very great distance.

Although Wolverine would undoubtedly win, Spiderman is very good at running away. Because “Spider Man possess the Spidey sense”(Spider man), this would give him a winning edge. The Spidey sense allows Spiderman to quickly counteract to almost any attack thrown at him. Spider man also has “Superhuman speed”(Spider man). Superhuman speed allows Spider man to move very quickly and outrun Wolverine. Although Spiderman can run away he eventually will get worn out, allowing Wolverine to track him down and kick his but.

In conclusion, Wolverine is an overall better hero. Spider man would after a while get worn out. This would allow Wolverine to shred Spider man like a hot knife through

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