Saltwater Fishing Research Paper

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Daelyn Sagert January 30, 2018 Comp. 2 4th hour Compare and Contrast Essay Freshwater Fishing vs. Sea Fishing Saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing both have their own unique, and sometimes annoying qualities. Neither of them are really better than the other one that can be proven as such. Everyone has their own opinion over the “which is better” topic, and to just bluntly answer that question come, neither of them are better than the other (K, Jay n.p.). The biggest dependency of which one you like more is where you live. If you live on the outskirts of a state that is next to the ocean, you have the ability to go fishing in the sea or in freshwater. For people who are landlocked, they are forced to only fish for freshwater fish. Some people also get sea sick when deep sea fishing, so that makes them not like it as much as other people (K, Jay n.p.). The size of the fish…show more content…
It is often hard to choose which one of them is better than the other. You really cannot choose which one is better, because they are both enjoyable and relaxing in their own ways (K, Jay n.p.). Works Cited Avatar. “Saltwater vs. Freshwater fishing. pros and cons, which is more fun.” Field and Stream, 28 Mar. 2011, “Fresh Water vs. Salt Water Fishing.”, 5 July 2017, K, Jay. “Freshwater vs Saltwater Fishing – A Comparison.” Fishing Let's Go, 10 July 2015, Seadog. “Fishing 101: Saltwater vs. Freshwater.” Boatrax, 1 July 2017, Stadnyk, Geoff . “Ocean vs. Freshwater fishing: which is better?” Line and Site , 20 June 2017,

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