Compare And Contrast Essay On 9/11

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It was a crisp fall day, not too cold, not too hot. It was September 11, 2001. The bright morning sun lit a cloudless blue sky, and birds chirped sweetly in their own beautiful way. All this changed in an instant. On this horrific day in history, thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Nineteen terrorists from a group called Al-Qaeda executed a plan under the plotting of Osama Bin Laden. This plan had possibly been in the process of making for a long time. On 9/11 the terrorists hijacked four planes, intending to do a lot harm to America they killed thousands of people. Two planes were flown into New York’s Twin Towers which were a symbol of prosperity. The third plane was deliberately flown into the Pentagon. The fourth plane had crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In total about 3,000 people lost their lives. These terrorists claimed to do this because of the presence of US troops in the Middle East. September 11, 2001 was an event that not only impacted the nation, but it impacted many innocent individuals as well. On this day, Dinesh Jain was living his normal life. In fact, he was on vacation at …show more content…

On this day, about 3,000 people had lost their lives. This was all due to this horrific terror attacks. This event did not only impact the nation, but it impacted individual people. It is extremely crucial to remember those who passed away on this day. People can help by bringing positive energy. For example the I Will Foundation, is a foundation where the members want to do something positive for the community and to help make other lives change for the better on 9/11. There are many things people can do to remember this event. Some things people can do are by doing something positive on 9/11, saying thank you to the heroes and everyday firemen, and people can keep others who passed away close to their hearts. I will be thankful and remember those who lost their lives on this day in

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