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Parker Evans Mrs. Fowler History 9 12 April 2016 Compare the reigns of 3 political leaders from Ancient Greece, Rome and Persia The reigns of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Cyrus the Great all had a huge impact on the countries they ruled and on history. Many of their legacies still live on and are taught today. Alexander’s greatest achievement was conquering Persia, Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, Bactria, and the Punjab; he then founded a city in Egypt and named it Alexandria. Caesar’s greatest achievement was that not once in his lifetime did he lose a war. Cyrus’ greatest achievement was founding the Achaemenid dynasty. Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Cyrus the Great ruled their country with great leadership…show more content…
He ran a high fever that lasted 10 days leading up to his death. Sadly, he died at the young age of 32 and spent the last 13 years of his life in battle. Alexander’s legacy that he left behind was incredible. He founded many cities and started traditions in places he traveled to and conquered. Julius Caesar was born into one of the older patrician families in Rome. In 82 B.C., when Caesar refused to obey Sulla 's order to divorce Cornelia, he fled from Rome in 81 B.C. When Sulla died, he came back to Rome in 78 B.C. and began his political career. He began to gain popularity with his political party. He went to Asia in 74 B.C. to drive back the Cappadocian army. When he returned, he helped Pompey obtain the senatorial party. In 59 B.C. Caesar married Calpurnia. In the same year, he also won the support of the wealthy equites by getting a reduction on their tax contracts in Asia. This caused him to be very popular amongst the wealthy citizens of Rome. Crassus and Pompey had differences that began to show, so Caesar moved in 56 B.C. to fix the problems. The problem between Crassus and Pompey was fixed when an agreement was reached that they should both be consuls in 55 B.C. In 54 B.C., Caesar’s daughter Julia

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