Compare And Contrast Essay On Brown Vs Board Of Education

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As a result of the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, The United States legislators wrote the Southern Manifesto in 1956. They believed that the final result of Brown v. Board of Education, which stated that separate school facilities for black and white children were fundamentally unequal, was an abuse of the judicial power. The Southern Manifesto called for the exhaust of all the lawful things they can do in order to stop all the confusion that would come from school desegregation. The Manifesto also stated that the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution should limit the power of the Supreme Court when it comes to these types of issues. 2. After the success with Brown v. Board of Education the segregation battle continued with public transportation. Despite segregated seating on public buses, bus drivers in Montgomery forced African Americans out of their seats for white individuals. If they did not obey the bus driver had the legal right to arrest their orders. Brown v. Board of Education opened doors to challenge the issue of segregation in many other areas as well, such as public transportation. Even though the U.S District Court ruled segregation on public buses as unconstitutional, the city of Montgomery decided to appeal the courts decision to the U.S Supreme Court and continued with public bus segregation. Martin Luther King Jr. along with other MIA leaders decided to start a boycott in order to get the U.S …show more content…

As a response to the Brown v. Board of Education, which ended school segregation, whites throughout the South decided to create the White Citizens Councils. These groups were made up of middle and upper class members and used violence in order to corrupt any of the civil rights movement. At the beginning of the Montgomery bus boycott, Martin Luther King Jr. quickly became as target to these groups. The White Citizens Council wanted to do everything in their power in order to prevent the boycott. Their main goal was to maintain

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