Compare And Contrast Essay On Fahrenheit 451

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You may think that by “starting over” in a society is going to make it perfect. But in Fahrenheit 451, it proves that theory wrong and ends up to be a bigger problem than it was before. It teaches everybody a lesson of not trying to avoiding different opinions and sadness. Fahrenheit 451 is suppose to be a Utopian society by trying to eliminating all emotions and books until one person finally speaks up about their feelings on the laws. While their society looks vastly different on the surface from our society but once you look deeper into the story, the different societies have many similarities. First of all, the society in Fahrenheit 451 tries to eliminate all feelings and opinions. They enforce the laws by giving harsh consequences which makes everyone think twice before breaking a law. For example, on page 96 and 97 when Montag was reading a poem to Mildred and her…show more content…
In Fahrenheit, everyone is so distracted by many different things like fast cars, TV walls, school, etc. that they don't give time for things that matter the most like on page 98 when Montag was yelling at Bowles to go home and to think about her husbands and kids that she doesn’t care about and on page 77 where Montag says “Millie? Does the White Clown love you?”. In the same way, our society is so attached to electronics even when you're spending time with your family, no one is communicating because everyone is on their phones. Or when friends want to “hang out”, they might go to the movies and watch the screen the whole time, just like Mildred did. Overall, Fahrenheit 451 might look like a very bad society to live in but our society is much like theirs. I wouldn't change our society although there are things we can fix without destroying anyone's belongings. All in all, there will never be a Utopian society because there is no way of getting arounds everyone's strong beliefs and strong
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